Wooden Toy - Game

   Wooden games can be played with more than one person.We have many toys suitable for parent-child play in our inventory for sale. Children can play with their parents, cultivate their relationship with their children, and develop their intelligence at the same time. At the same time, they can also play with other children. Compared with ordinary toys, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly and healthy, and are suitable for children to play.
  We have our own design and development team, and we develop nearly 30 products for you to choose every quarter. If you choose us, you will get the latest market trends.

Popular wooden game

1. Whack-a-mole game can exercise children’s reaction ability
2. Calculation games to exercise children’s calculation ability
3. The camping car makes children feel the joy of camping at home
4. It can not only exercise children’s ability to clean up, but also can be used as a chair


Relevant toy

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