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Natural wood is used to make Tooky toys. To ensure safety, we use nontoxic water varnish painting and testing on the wooden toys we deliver to you. View our full selection of wooden toys to suit procurement needs.

The Birth Of The Toy


Safety is always our first priority. To protect children to the most extend, internal test and external test will both be implemented for each production. Attached is a demo video to show our standard testing procedures.

This short video explains how wooden toys are produced in Tooky, and our ways to live in harmonious unity with nature. Each toy from Tooky is made of wood from sustainable forests, they are supplied from FSC certified tree farms. Wooden toys are painted with water-based dyes. These are ECO friendly, even goldfish can live with it for 5 hours. 

While toys are produced, sawdust is accumulated by machinery, they are delivered to other plants, where they might be transformed into many purposes, such as:
Pellet fuel, as a green energy;
Organic fertilizer, recycled back to earth;
Plywood, for furniture or chipboard floor;
Or made into new lovely wooden toys. Such as cute animals, like mouse, cat, dolphin. Coffee cup, knife & spoon, bathtub, or even a shell clapper.

The circle of wooden toys is purely recyclable to the earth. They come from nature, and end in recyclable ways back to the nature.  Play in a greener way, live a low-carbon life.


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