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Developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination is easy with the Outdoor Game. It promotes self-esteem and confidence in kids 3 years and older. Kids can learn about numbers, colors, and concepts such as big and small. The sturdy wooden construction and quality craftsmanship ensure that you will enjoy this game for years to come. 

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Outdoor wooden toy- Wooden Bow & Arrow Set

The Tooky Wooden Bow & Arrow Set will provide countless hours of healthy and fun activity! They’ll learn how to set goals, improve their aim, practise their hand-eye coordination. This archery set is also a great way to bring out your child’s imagination. 

  • Made with quality wood
  • Arch has a hole to hold the arrow.
  • Arrow head made with quality felt – soft & safe

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Outdoor wooden toy- Ring Toss game set

Get your kids outside and active with our Ring Toss game set! This classic game is perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while having fun. The set includes wooden pegs and colorful rings, and is perfect for backyard play, family picnics, or even birthday parties. Order your set today and let the fun begin! #RingToss #OutdoorFun #KidsActivities # Tookytoy # Wooden toy


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Outdoor wooden playhouse

Outdoor wooden playhouse with natural wood material and wood color, one door and one window, it has 2 styles. one with yard and another one without yard for your choice, or you can also customized colored one!

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