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Ophelia Zhang

I am salesman for Tooky Toy, which has 20 years of experience in R&D at wooden toys.

Fantastic Selling Lines for Preschool


Picking the right educational toy can be difficult as kids move into preschool: what’s too childish and what’s beyond their abilities? Well, we’ve done the work and rounded up some of the best selling lines toys for preschool that allow them to engage in age-appropriate play to develop developmental skills. The right toys can help them learn through sensory exploration, hands-on play, problem-solving, and more.

Stacking Game – Animals

Wooden Stacking Blocks Game: The colorful tumbling stacking blocks game includes 78 colorful wooden blocks, which have 24 patterns; two dice, and two wooden small hammers. Size of single piece: 2.95 x 2.95 x 10.63 inches. Recommend for ages three and up.

Classic Game: Build a tower out of wooden blocks. After the blocks are stacking on top of each other, Players will take turns to roll the dice, then carefully remove one block of that pattern  and re-positioning it on the top of the tower. Keep it balanced; if it falls apart on your turn, you will lose the game.

Safety and Environmental Protection: Wooden stacking blocks game made of high-quality woods, which are chemical-free and have no odor. Additionally, it’s FSC wood. The toy retained its unique texture of natural wood, and with a smooth touch, it is safer and more reliable for children.

Educational Toys: This balancing game encourages your little one to move carefully, think critically and play imaginatively, all while enjoying a fun and interactive game. Design with different patterns, the balance blocks help with training pattern recognition while inspiring your child to be creative, imaginative, and curious. Play along with your child, discover new ways of playing and increase the interaction with kids.

wooden stacking game

My Calendar

Fun Learning – The wooden toys calendar for kids learning clock includes date, days of the week learning, month of the year, weather chart, time, season, the clock for kids to learn time. It can develop learning skills, promote interactive communication, reasoning and logical thinking.

Hands on Intellect – Smart design, easy to grip, hanging wooden chart. My daily calendar toy clock rotating the pointer and moving the slider promotes children’s hands-on skills. Cute cartoon patterns and rich colors can stimulate the visual senses. Make it easier to learn time and weather.

Cute Design – This preschool calendar was designed with your kids best interests in mind! Every morning your child wakes up and will quickly update daily calendar, because endless joy awaits them.

Perfect Gift – Children calendar teaching clock is a great gift for kindergarten kids, toddlers, preschoolers. Wooden educational toys are suitable for children over 3 years old.

Safe for Kid – Toddler calendar use high quality wood, environmental water paint, safe, non-toxic, precise shape, smooth edge, no burr. Also use FSC wood.

My calendar

Shape Sorter

Creative Sorting Game For Kids: The shape sorter is a beautifully constructed wooden toy with 12 bright-colored, easy-to-grip shapes.

Classic Learning Activity: This ever-popular shape and color activity is sure to engage children. Each shape is designed to fit through a matching hole on the wooden cube.

Sturdy Wooden Construction: This colorful toy for toddlers and preschoolers promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills.

Great Gift For Ages 12M+: This toy is an ideal gift for kids ages 12M+. Round out the hands-on learning experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.

Shape sorter

Vegetable Puzzle

Safe Design–All pieces of wooden pegs are non angular design. Prevent children from being injured during use. Kids can play it safely. The board have been thickened, jigsaw is not easy to bend or break.

Easy Use–With the easy-grasp wood pegs, kids can pick up the blocks easily.Base image design,baby can match it quickly by the picture and put it on the right place.

Bright Colors and Shape–With a lot of color and pic. Children can learn it quickly. Good for Image memory training. It can also help kids to get their letter recognition, color recognition, visual senses,and phonetic awareness.

Learn Skills–Not only that kids will get fun with it, but also learn hand-eye coordination,fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.

vegetable puzzle

Memory Game–Lady Bug

Perfect Game For Kids: Whether you’re looking for a fun way of spending time with your toddler, or you simply want to encourage their cognitive development at a young age, the Tooky Toys ladybug’s memory game is the perfect solution!

Cognitive Skills Development: It’s designed to encourage memory development, fine motor skills, color recognition and eye-manual coordination, training in a fun and interactive manner, encouraging quality time between friends, parents and children!

Highest Quality Materials: This wooden memory game for kids is made from premium quality, ultra-resistant wood, with smooth finishes and high attention to details. The board is 100% safe for kids, containing no sharp edges or dangerous paints!

Get Creative: With simple and easy to understand rules, this memory game for 3+ year old kids is perfect for the kids’ small hands! Teach them how to play by grabbing the ladybugs and matching the images.

memory game-ladybug

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