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Ophelia Zhang

I am salesman for Tooky Toy, which has 20 years of experience in R&D at wooden toys.

New Collection of Educational Box


0-6M Educational Box

0-6m infants start to be sensitive to the light and sound and start to realize the new world. This product can help 0-6m infants to build new connections in the brain through high contrast images and soothing sound.

10 PCS Black&White Card

It’s first eye experience. Professional ophthalmologists recommend that during the critical period of baby’s visual development, using black and white cards with appropriate visual stimulation promotes the activation of right brain and cultivate instantaneous memory.

1 PC Magic Tissue Box with 5 PCS fabric tissues

Infants love to play with tissue and box, enjoy taking out the tissue, put it back while exploring. Thus this product is created accordingly, which is full of bright colors and fun of pulling.

1 PC Beaded Raindrops

The colorful beaded raindrop is so attractive to infants when they are interested in bright colors.

1 PC Spinning Drum

It’s composed of 5 sides with different colors and mirror. It can exercise infants’ fine hand movements with roller. different colors can help infants to have a preliminary understanding of color.

1 PC Rainbow Baby Roller

When rolling or shaking rainbow baby roller, the inside wooden ball tumbles to entertain infants with soothing sound.

1 PC Rainbow Ball

It can lead infants to practice holding and reaching the ball during tummy time.

1 PC Instruction Manual

It shows what’s inside and how to play.

educational box toy

7-12m Educational Box

7-12m babies will know more about surroundings and be interested in details. This box takes advantage of baby’s natural curiosity about how things work to explore textures, practice nesting

and stacking. In addition, learn about the permanence of objects.

1 PC Baby Rattle

It’s designed with baby finger size, easy for grasping with little hands. It will make out gentle sounds and draw attention of baby when shaking.

1 PC Hedgehog Rattle

It can be used as both a car or a rattle, which increases more fun for baby.

1 PC First Puzzle

It can help infants learn about the concept of object permanence. What’s more, promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

1 PC Object Permanence Box

Similar as first puzzle, it can also help babies develop hand-eye coordination and experience object permanence.

1 PC Wooden Book

It’s made of sustainable wood as baby’s first book, which is easy for baby to grasp and each page . Also, it’s convenient to flip for little hands.

12 PCS Soft Building Blocks

It’s designed with embossed patterns, such as animals, fruits, Arabic numerals and geometric shapes.

1 PC Instruction Manual

It shows what’s inside and how to play.

educational box toy

13-18m Educational Box

13-18m toddlers are learning and feeling more. This box offers new challenges about balance,

object permanence, spatial awareness, as well as an early enlightenment of physics.

1 PC 3 in 1 Educational Montessori Toys

It helps kids to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and critical thinking.

1 PC Flexible Wooden Stacker

Each wooden ring is painted with bright color which makes learning easier and full of fun.

1 PC Stacking Cups

Colorful stacking cups can be used in many kinds of play such as: stacking, nesting, shape sorting, bath toys, beach toys.

1 PC Shape Puzzle

Colorful geometric design helps toddlers to recognize different shapes and different colors.

1 PC Pound Bench

Toddlers are so attracted by this classic toy with endless appeal and durability.

1 PC Picture Book

There are various emotions in different time. As adults, it’s important to teach kids skills about how to identify the feeling and handle it appropriately.

1 PC Instruction Manual

It shows what’s inside and how to play.

educational box toy

19-24m Educational Box

This toy set will help children aged around 2 years old to deal with various situations

confidently, identify differences, improve fine motor skills and as always learn through games.

1 PC Lacing Beads

It helps children develop fine motor skills, finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

1 PC Twisting Cube

Match up the animal bodies with delightful Twisting Cubes.

1 PC Activity Triangle

It can promote children’s fine motor skills with multi-function. Gears with cute flowers, moving insects, blocks with different shapes and colorful beads provide unlimited fun to our beloved children.

4 PCS Jigsaw Puzzle

Double-side puzzle with different theme. One side is color puzzle, and the other side is ladybug puzzle.

1 PC Pull Along-Dog

It’s a colorful and cute toy and it helps toddlers practice coordination and balance when start walking.

1 PC Picture Book

It’s animal picture book, which makes kids learn the concept of big and small, more and less, tall and short, open and close, white and colorful, quick and fast, strong and weak with simple and lively pictures.

1 PC Instruction Manual

It shows what’s inside and how to play.

educational box toy

25-36m Educational Box

It is important for children to develop their emerging executive function skills, which include controlling their behavior to plan future tasks. This box will support the development of their natural curiosity and provides an early understanding of mathematics.

1 PC Color Paddles

Get ready to explore the wide world with science discovery toys and tools that help kids build observation and critical thinking skills.

1 PC Geometric Block Sorter

It includes 1 wooden base with 4 pegs and 12 colorful geometric-shape blocks as circle, rectangle, triangle and square.

1 PC Rainbow Abacus

It can help children to do simple counting and complicated calculations, enlighten the basics on math at an early age.

1 PC Logic Game-Shape

It contains 6 base boards and 5 animal-shaped blocks. Lead children to observe the connection and difference between different parts, find the blocks and corresponding base boards.

1 PC Fraction Puzzle

Each block is painted with bright color and represents different meanings such as whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths.

1 PC Picture Book

There are various colors in our surroundings. It’s designed for early age development of color recognition.

1 PC Instruction Manual

It shows what’s inside and how to play.

36m+ Educational Box

Age three, sometimes will be called the “magical year”. At this stage, children will have a rapid development on language, independence, curiosity and social skills. This box will support children’s developing skills during magical age.

1 PC Paint Set with 1 Coloring Book and 6 Crayons

Hope every child fully be in love with the crayons to express themselves.

8 PCS Wooden Stacking Stones

Wooden stones with many flat cut surfaces and make it possible to be stacked to different construction and height.

1 PC Counting Game

It contains 10 colorful sticks with numbers 1 to 10, which helps children learn mathematical concept and develop the ability from concrete expressions to abstract thinking.

1 PC Weather Chart

This amazing item is beautiful and full of fun as an educational toy.

1 PC Lock box

The portable lock box includes 4 metal latches and designed with mechanical thinking. It promoted skills of problem-solving, helps kids to recognize colors, shapes and develop hands-on ability.

1 PC Picture Book

Learn essential skills for three-year-old kids by reading picture books.

1 PC Instruction Manual

It shows what’s inside and how to play.

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