Ophelia Zhang

Ophelia Zhang

I am salesman for Tooky Toy, which has 20 years of experience in R&D at wooden toys.

Top 10 Gifts For Holiday


It’s always happy to see toys that can capture children’s imagination time and time again. Tooky Toy focus on this aim and list Top 10 holiday gifts. Kids will have much palying with them.

Parking Structure

  • Multi-level parking garage with 3 floors and 2 ramps
  • A complete playset with below wooden toys included: 3 cars, 1 helicopter, 2 fuel pumps
  • A helicopter landing pad on the roof and elevator with crank can drive to reach all floors
  • Durable and solid construction is completely safe to play
  • Children can learn basic driving skills and traffic signs as well as creative storytelling and motor skill development
  • FSC certified
parking strcucture wooden toy with 3 floors

Kitchen Set & BBQ

  • PRETEND BBQ – Toy grill set for boys. Remove the baffle, flip the planks on the stovetop, and immediately switch to the grill mode. Children can string food molds, pretend to play barbecue games with tongs and brushes, and wooden spice bottles. The unique design allows you to have 2 kinds of kitchen toys at the same time, a great value suit. Multiple game modes can also bring more fun to toddler
  •  SMALL KITCHEN –  Small in size, convenient for storage, and will not take up too much space in the home. Moreover, the internal design of the stove has a large enough storage space to store all the parts to prevent loss
  •  Children can pretend to cook food with cookware pot and pan toy set. There are 10 food molds, including fish, ham, onions, corn, tomatoes, etc. When you turn the switch of the wooden stove, there will be a clicking sound. Look, there is also a manual clock that can control the cooking time. kitchen playset bring a real pretend cooking experience to young children
  • The wooden toy kitchen set is very suitable for children to play pretend cooking games, role-playing educational toys, and can cultivate children’s cognitive and sensory skills. Create fun game time to improve their flexibility, cultivate social and hands-on skills, and stimulate imagination. The perfect gift brings endless fun
  • FSC certified
pretend BBQ toy
pretend kitchen toy

Rainbow Balance Stacker

  • Includes 5 rainbow bridges, 6 animals and 15 balance blocks. Each animal( except the burlywood elephant) corresponds to 1 rainbow bridge and 3 balance blocks with same color
  • Children could create all different combinations of stacking only if they could imagine
  • It’s a good way for children to learn colors and animals, stimulate their imagination, creativity and promotes hand-eye coordination
  • FSC certified
wooden stacker

Picnic Basket

  • Include 22 pcs colored play pieces including plates, forks, cups, food and a tablecloth, perfect for a pretend picnic for children
  • Learn about colors, manners and more while on a pretend picnic
  • Encourge prentend play, storytelling;
  • Strengthen motor skills, communication; Imaginative play
  • FSC certified
picnic basket

Cutting Fruits

  • Encourage children to learn fractions with a visual and tactile way. It promotes basic math skills, color recognition and hand-eye coordination
  • Explore the relationship between small parts and fractions
  • Children can cut the round fruits into halves, thirds, quarters and fifths
  • The fractions printed underneath will help them understand the complex mathematical concept in an easy way
  • FSC certified
cutting fruit toy

Work Bench

  • Include 45 pcs accessorries. Shelves and storage keep all their tools and supplies within easy reach
  • Have the clock to make the scene more real and more fun
  • The three level unit has a counter surface to build, pound, screw-in or use the vice. There is a rack to hang tools and a storage tray for small plastic and wooden parts
  • Practice child skills with the hammer, screwdriver, wrench, saw and T-square. Includes tools, gears, bolts and other parts for creative building
  • All parts are scaled for easy use by young hands
  • Promote exploratory and imaginative play — will provide hours of fun for children
  • FSC certified
work bentch toy

Doll House

  • Include 5 rooms, 3 floors with 31 pcs furniture
  • Details, and fabrics make up the incredibly realistic furniture that children will love role playing with
  • Safe and Sound construction. Children can play without any worry
  • Easy build, Easy play. Included IM of step by step directions with clear pictures and wording will make this dollhouse a breeze for you to set up and the sturdy wooden construction will hold up to kids use time and time again
  • FSC certified
doll house toy

My Make Up Dresser

  • Sturdy & Stable Construction without easy deformation or cracking
  • Easy to Assemble & Clean with necessary hardwares and detialed IM. Smooth surface is easy to clean
  • Safe Design & Storage with 100% poison free paint and pull-out centre drawer
  • Great Gift for Little Girls with beautiful and unique design, which is ideal to choose this as birthday or Christmas gift
  • Aspiring movie stars, little princesses, corporate executives-in-training, or fashion designers will feel pretty darn good about checking themselves out while they imagine dressing for the job they want, or practice on friends
  • FSC certified
make up dresser toy

Gourmet Kitchen – Large

  • Include oven, stove, microwave, sink, refrigerator with working “ice” dispenser
  • Durable, wooden play kitchen with ample storage space for easy cleanup
  • handle and faucet on the sink—ideal for a multi-kid playdate
  • Easy assemble with detailed IM
  • Plastic accessories is our own model
  • Use the kitchen as a centerpiece for building out a complete pretend cooking and food prep experience
  • FSC certified
large kitchen toy

Pet Hospital Playset

  • Includes 1 medical tray, 2 sheets of X-trays, 1 tweezers, 1 medicine bottle, 1 stethoscope, 1 thermometer, 1 syringr, 2 tablets, 1 collar, 1 medical record book, 1 work permit, 1 hammer, 1 ointment, 1 pet snacks, and 1 scissors
  • Develop children’s problem solving skills and promotes empathy during imaginative veterinary role-play game
  • Kids can learn how to take care of pets and experience the process of companionship between human and animals
  • Children can adjust the examination lights, check the pets X-rays, feed snacks to animals, record information about sick pets in the medical record. etc., to create a realistic medical scene
  • FSC certified
pet hospital toy

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